Technology fans, rejoice.
The Hudson Library and Historical Society has planned a day chock full of technological events for Aug. 24 from noon to 5 p.m.
The day will be packed with the latest high tech gadgets and information — enough to delight the hard core techies and fill the technophobes with wonder.
“Our biggest draw will be our Oculis Rift,” said Polly Reynolds, the library’s head of adult services and archives.
“It’s basically a headset that provides a virtual reality,” she explained.
The Oculis Rift allows gamers to step inside their favorite games and immerse themselves in the virtual world, according to a spokesperson.
“We will have two of them for people to try,” Reynolds said.
Cutting edge technology is the name of the game at the Hudson Library and the Digital Bookmobile, an 18-wheel mobile lab, is coming to the library for the tech fest. The mobile lab will be parked outside the library to offer interactive learning stations. Visitors will be able to search the library’s digital media collection and sample ebooks, audiobooks, music and videos.
“Other products we will feature on Tech Fest day include A Makerbot Replicator 2, Google Glass, Lego Mindstorms and several circuitry kits for kids,” Reynolds.
And if that is not enough, the Tech Fest will feature Roku Streaming Players.
“We will start circulating the streaming players and we plan to have them available on Tech Fest day for checkout. Patrons can hook up the Roku players to their television and stream movies, music and television shows,” she said.
Visitors to the Tech Fest will be able to see the library’s 3D printer. Printing policies are being developed by the library and 3D printing classes are planned for the fall.
As an added bonus to the Tech Fest, the library will give away a new iPad mini to one lucky attendee.
No registration required for this family friendly event. For more information, call 330-653-6658 ext. 1054.
Phone: 330-541-9436