The city of Tallmadge has been notified by the owner of the Brimfield Aggregate property that privileges to Tallmadge residents who take yard waste there may soon be rescinded due to the behavior of some residents.

According to Tallmadge city officials, the regulations for dumping materials at this privately-owned composting facility are clearly posted and yet apparently ignored by people identifying themselves as Tallmadge residents.

According to the company, people have been dumping prohibited materials after hours and some have told Aggregate workers they pay taxes to Tallmadge and this entitles them to use the facility whenever and for whatever they wish.

City officials want Tallmadge residents to know this is not true.

The city of Tallmadge was forced to close its composting facility because of the actions of a few residents who were dumping prohibited materials that caused it to be a safety hazard for the surrounding neighborhood.

If this continues, Brimfield Aggregate will be closed to Tallmadge residents and those caught dumping there illegally will be cited and fined by the Brimfield police department.

Surveillance cameras are in use and people dumping prohibited materials will be prosecuted under state law 2911.21. The rules and regulations are posted at the Brimfield Aggregate site.