The 124th Annual Reunion of the Harmon & Loomis families was held last Sunday at King’s Corner in Hiram, Ohio, the home of Daniel and Kelly Cartwright and family.

Despite Mother Nature threatening rain and thunderstorms for much of the time, 71 relatives gathered for a day of fun and family history.  Cara Knox from Winchester, VA came the furthest.  Roger and Marge Clute from Michigan also attended along with relatives from many parts of Ohio.  The oldest family member in attendance was Clarence Moore, 90, and the Cartwrights' daughter Allena, 8 months, was the youngest.  Those in military service at this time are Lt. Daniel Cartwright, U.S. Army National Guard and U.S.M.C. Capt. Joshua Greer.

The family's first reunion (pictured) was held at the home of Merritt and Ida (Hopkins) Loomis in Hiram, Ohio on Oct 14, 1890.  One of the family's valued possessions is the photograph of those in attendance 124 years ago, along with a numbered photo that corresponds with a list of their names. In addition to Harmon and Loomis, surnames included Elwell, Sprotbery, Kilbourn, Pierce, Fitch, Monroe, Hendershot, Waite, White, Stine, Snow, Mellor, and Brockway. Other family names are Ryder, Kneeland, Cole, Udall, Odell, Lord, Tillden and Moore.

The family has maintained and updated records that began with that first reunion, including where and when the reunion was held, a short description of the day’s activities, and records of births, marriages, and deaths.

The families bring items to be auctioned off by family-appointed auctioneer Michael Zuccaro.  Michael has a knack for creating lots of laughter and getting higher bids.  Some of the items auctioned were maple syrup from Clarence Moore & Sons (Mapleside Farms, Hiram, Ohio), honey from the hives of Cal Brant, handmade cards by Lorelei Greifenstein (One Card Shy, Cleveland, Ohio), handmade cards by Cindy Zuccaro (Cards for Kaylee, Cleveland, Ohio), homemade wines by Daniel Cartwright and a quilted wall hanging by Nora Brant. Part of the money raised with the auction and donations this day is earmarked for donation to the Meghan Brant Scholarship Fund, Leanne Brosius Scholarship, Hiram Farm Living & Learning Community and 4’C Food Pantry. 

On July 25, 2015, The Harmon & Loomis Families will hold their 125th Reunion.  They are always looking to connect with new-found relatives.  For more info on the family, contact family historian Leta Brant at 330-274-2725 or family genealogist Edee Kirkendall 330-243-1679 or