The Seton Catholic School Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund has had a major impacton the school's ability to help its students.

The school provides faith-based education and experience that is accessible and affordable to all families with the endowment fund set up in 2012 by an anonymous donor.

The donor's inspiration reportedly stemmed from the four hallmarks of Seton's mission -- spiritual development, academic excellence, responsibility to self and service to others. The purpose of the fund is to provide tuition assistance and financial aid that will continue to benefit the students into perpetuity, according to a school spokesperson.

Seton is an independent school within the Diocese of Cleveland. They receive no operational support from the Diocese, parish or religious order. It is through tuition charges and fundraising efforts that Seton Catholic is able to maintain its operations.

Seton chose to work with the Hudson Community Foundation because endowments are their business.

Karen Alestock, Principal at Seton Catholic School, said that "the creation of the endowment and the money we receive from the endowment are critical to our mission and to continuing what we do every day." HCF's involvement with the endowment ensures that the fund will be well managed and used for the donor's intended purpose - tuition assistance.

"We can use the Hudson Community Foundation as part of our Endowed Giving staffwe will always have that expertise through the Hudson Community Foundation," said Patricia Fritz, director of communications & admissions at Seton Catholic.

Students will begin benefitting from the fund this year; "the $2,000 that came from the endowment was immediately put into the tuition assistance fund," Principal Alestock said.

As the number of students and families benefitting from the fund grows, the benefits to Seton will grow as well.

Anyone can donate to Seton Catholic School through this fund by contacting the school or the Hudson Community Foundation. With the fund's continued growth, Seton is able to provide financial assistance to a greater number of families.

"We would never want to have to deny a child or a family a Catholic education based on finances," Principal Alestock said.

Through its involvement with the Hudson Community Foundation, the Seton Catholic School Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund strives to benefit both current and future students and families.