Visitors to the Hudson Farmers Market can now enjoy freshly churned ice cream, from "Sputtrz."

The ice cream churn is powered by a 1927 Fairbanks-Morse Model V 1 1/2 horsepower engine.

"That's the noise it makes when it runs," explained Andrew Hammer, one of the owners of "Sputtrz."

Hammer and his wife, Natalie, have been regular vendors at the Hudson venue for three years representing their company, Heartland Beefalo -- meat made from a special hybrid of American bison and beef cattle.

This year they're partnering with his sister, Janice McMahon and her husband Shawn, to bring the "Sputtrz" to the market, as well.

"We've been talking about it (the ice cream making) for about a year," Hammer said.

Hammer said he is interested in all things mechanical. When he spotted the 1927 engine in Orrville, he knew he could make it work for the company.

"The engine weighs 280 pounds so we needed a way to move it around," Hammer said.

To make the engine portable, Hammer and his wife found an old industrial railroad cart made in 1904, completing the antique ensemble.

The actual churn is not an antique. It is a handmade oak churn with a stainless steel insert. It was made by a craftsman in New Bedford.

"The churn is new but it is made from plans from 60 or 70 years ago," Hammer said. "It's an old fashioned style ice cream, creamier than most."

Right now Sputtrz is only making chocolate and vanilla ice cream but the owners hope to make many other recipes.

Hammer said the Hudson Farmers Market is perfect for their products.

"Hudson has intelligent, educated and health conscious consumers," he said.


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