Aurora -- Fraternal twins Nicole and Stephen Lucas, both Aurora High School 2014 graduates, say they rarely get asked if they're twins. That's because Stephen stands 6-foot, 1-inch tall, while Nicole is 5-foot, 2 1/2 inches.

"Stephen was always taller than me growing up," Nicole said.

Stephen added, "When people see us, a lot of them say, 'I can't believe you guys are twins.'"

The Lucas siblings, along with Scott and Kyle Sutton, were two sets of twins who graduated from Aurora this spring.

Actually, Stephen is older by two minutes. The twins, who are 18, are the children of Jim and Karen Lovejoy.

Nicole said the best thing about being a twin is "having someone there all the time. It's nice to have a second opinion and have someone who understands."

Stephen said, "It's like having another sibling, but they get to experience what you're going through, so you have someone helping you."

Nicole played on the varsity tennis team, was on Student Council and was a member of the international language club. She studied advanced placement studio art and took art all four years of high school.

"It's fun," she said. "They have a really good art program."

Stephen was part of the quiz bowl academic team and played alto saxophone in the band as a freshman and sophomore.

Both said their favorite subject is math.

Nicole said during their entire schooling, they only had one class together -- eighth-grade social studies.

"Sometimes, I'd see him in the hallways, but mostly we saw each other at home," she said. "The longest we've been apart was a week."

That will change in the fall when Nicole plans to attend Miami of Ohio to study communications and marketing, while Stephen plans to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology to study either computer engineering or micro-electronic engineering.

Scott, KYLE Sutton

Scott Sutton said he and his twin brother, Kyle, looked somewhat the same until about seventh grade, but not anymore.

"I like that we don't look similar," Scott said.

Scott is older by about 30 minutes. The twins, both 18, are the children of Ben and Cathy Sutton. They have three older siblings -- Stacey Vanyo, Stephanie Hectorne and Jeff Sutton.

Kyle said the best part about being a twin is, "There is always someone you can hang out with and talk to."

"We like to bicker, too," Kyle added with a laugh.

Scott said, "It means always having someone to be there for you, or to do something with if you're bored."

"Or someone to argue with," Scott said, chuckling, in a separate conversation. "We like to bicker a lot."

Kyle played varsity soccer as a defender and a midfielder and was a member of the quiz bowl academic team. He played trombone in the band as a freshman and sophomore.

Scott, who graduated fifth overall in his class, was a varsity soccer midfielder and a member of the quiz bowl and National Honor Society. He played trumpet and french horn in the band as a freshman and sophomore.

Both said their favorite subject is math.

In the fall, Kyle said he plans to study engineering at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., while Scott said he plans to study mathematics and statistics at Miami of Ohio.

"It'll be interesting not being together," Kyle said. "It will be a time to grow and figure out who we are. We'll miss each other, but it'll be nice to be a part for a little bit."

Scott agreed, saying, "We'll be on our own and we'll miss each other, but I think it will be good."


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