Aurora -- The city could begin the Sunny Lake Park improvement project in mid-September, and hopes to complete it sometime this fall, Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin said.

"The improvements include new restrooms and reconfigured parking at the boathouse and a concession stand and restrooms at the ballfields across the street," Womer Benjamin said.

City Council approved $325,000 in this year's budget for improvements at the park. The project is currently being bid, with a July 23 deadline. The mayor said once bids come in, the city will go to Council to consider a contract.

Parks-Recreation Director Jim Kraus said starting construction on the project in September "is pretty good timing from a construction standpoint because it's near the end of the construction season, and yet there is still decent weather."

"Another improvement which is already under way is the installation of a disc golf course at Sunny Lake," Womer Benjamin said, adding it was a separate appropriation of $15,000 in the budget.

Kraus said he would like to have a minimum of nine holes completed this year. The course would start at the north end of Sunny Lake and wind around the northwest corner of the lake.

"We have some holes planned for the peninsula area of the lake's east side," Kraus said.

Kraus said he thinks a disc golf course will be a popular attraction at Sunny Lake Park, where 18 holes would be located on about 400 acres. Participants throw a disc made out of lightweight material, and the goal -- similar to regular golf -- is to get the disc into a small basket in the least amount of throws.

Kraus said at the recreation advisory committee's June 2 meeting that the new restrooms will have a different exterior siding than the existing ones.

"They want to carry that exterior siding around the entire building so it looks the same," he said. "We're going to redo the roof on the addition, so they'll want to replace the roof on the old [building]."


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