Macedonia -- A 90-year-old community landmark will gain national recognition thanks to the efforts of the Longwood Manor Historical Society, which nominated Longwood Manor to be on the National Register of Historic Places. The application was approved by the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board in Columbus on June 20.

"It's telling people that you have something that has significance and therefore should be preserved," Barbara Powers of the Ohio Historic Preservation Office said. "The community and city should use the information in the National Register to further those efforts."

Powers visited the manor, located off Route 82 by the Macedonia Family Recreation Center, on May 30 and said she believes the manor has all "the ingredients needs to be successful."

"The history and significance associated with the property clearly reflects an important piece of Ohio's history," she said. "The building retains a lot of its historic character."

Longwood Manor Historical Society President John Cassmer said the 88-year-old Longwood Manor was one of nine nominations reviewed and later approved by the advisory board June 20.

Cassmer said the nomination has been sent on to the National Park Service in Washington, which should list the property within 45 days.

"We are really excited and hope that it is going to help the funding and get more people interested in supporting the manor," he said on June 26. "They [the advisory board] said the house was significant enough itself to be on the registry."

The City of Macedonia will receive an official notified when the manor officially is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Powers said the National Register of Historic is the "official list of properties recognized by the federal government as worthy of preservation for their local, state, or national significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or culture. Although the National Register is a program of the National Park Service, it is administered at the state level by each respective state."

"This listing will tell the citizens of Macedonia that [Longwood Manor] is worthy of preservation," Powers said. "The National Register is meant to be a planning tool and an educational tool to help further decisions about its preservation."

Cassmer said the society is currently planning a public ceremony at the Manor when they receive the plaque.

Mayor Don Kuchta and Council have been asked to be part of the celebration.

Kuchta said in an email on June 25 the society has brought more accolades to the city.

"This is a whole new ball field because over the years the problem has been funding," he said. "Now, hopefully, new doors will open to fund this venture. Casmer's committee has accomplished the perceived impossible with this recognition by the Ohio Historic Preservation Society."

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