Full name: Lauren Allison Slates.

Parents names: Jeanne Jakos and Dan Slates.

School and grade: Just completed sixth grade at Harmon School, heading into seventh.

Jobs or chores you do: Play with the dog.

Activities and hobbies: Soccer and collecting things.

Career aspirations: Teacher.

Favorite food: Turkey sandwiches.

Favorite singers or groups: The Neighborhood and Disney movie soundtracks.

Favorite television show: "Dog with a Blog" and "Good Luck Charlie."

Good movie you've seen recently or your all-time favorite: "The Avengers" and "Frozen."

What's your all-time favorite book or story? The "Fablehaven" series by Brandon Mull.

What are your favorite things about your school? Orchestra.

What improvements would you like to see at school? More clubs and sixth-grade art.

Who, other than your parents, do you look up to most? My sister and her friends.

What would you change about yourself and why? My persistence, so I work better in groups at school.

Do you collect anything? Everything (lots of rocks).

Do you have any pets? Two cats, a dog, a bird, a rabbit and two horses.

What was your best vacation? My family reunion in North Carolina in 2013.

If you become a parent, what advice will you give your children? Don't be shy or afraid to follow your dreams.

What famous person would you like to meet most? Thomas Hiddleston.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? California.