Aurora -- Security cameras and road repaving are among several capital projects this summer which will be paid for from the school district's permanent improvement funds.

Superintendent Russ Bennett said he expect the projects to be finished by the time the 2014-15 school year begins. Bennett said the projects include:

• Security cameras at Craddock School and Aurora High School.

"We are upgrading the Craddock camera system to be in line with all our other camera systems within the district at a cost of about $9,500," Bennett said. "We are adding a few cameras to the high school where we didn't feel we had enough coverage. The cost is about $9,000."

He said the costs for both buildings include wiring, cameras and software installations.

For security reasons, Bennett has declined to say specifically how many cameras are involved.

• Greenman Way repaving.

"We are repaving a portion of the access road from West Pioneer Trail to Aurora-Hudson Road at a cost of around $45,000," he said. "We are including the project with bids the city receives [for its paving projects] to capitalize on cost savings."

• Air conditioning.

"We are upgrading our HVAC system software at Craddock and Leighton schools to bring them online like our other buildings," he said. "The cost is about $24,750."

• Vent hoods on roof.

"We are replacing some of the original vent hoods on the Harmon School roof," he said. "These hoods cover the air handlers from weather. We are replacing three of these hoods for a total cost of about $10,659."


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