Hudson -- An eighth-grade science teacher at Hudson Middle School will give more than lessons on tectonic plates and evolutionary history to students this fall.

Deborah Mancuso, who has been with the district 11 years, recently won a $500 grant which will be used for STEM education at the middle school.

"The award that I won was a grant offered through Goodyear's Engineering Career Day that was held in April," Mancuso said. "We had approximately 30 students from the middle school attend the event that was sponsored by Goodyear and held at The University of Akron. I completed a grant application, and I was one of the middle school teachers' whose grant request was awarded."

The grant is to be used to enhance STEM teaching, according to Mancuso.

"I was thrilled when my name was announced as a winner at the event," Mancuso said. "The students were all very excited."

And it was not just Mancuso and the students brimming with excitement when her name was announced.

"I am so proud of Mrs. Mancuso," said Hudson Middle School Principal Kimberly Cockley. "She has a passion for students and for encouraging them to be their best. This STEM grant is one example of her dedication to preparing students for the future."

STEM education is focused on science, technology, engineering and math, Cockley added.

STEM courses are "dedicated to exposing students to, and igniting their passion for, science, technology, engineering and math, so that they become leaders in a global society," Cockley said.

"At Hudson Middle School, STEM is an integral part of the outstanding, well-rounded education that we provide," Cockley added.

Mancuso was one of five teachers from Northeast Ohio who won a monetary grant, which will be used to support STEM education initiatives at the middle school level, according to the district.


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