From a law firm to owner/operator of The Paw Firm, Carrie Seymour has made a major career change.

Seymour, a licensed attorney and a retiring professor at Case Law School in Cleveland, has opened a pet sitting business.

"It's a good feeling, being greeted by a wagging tail," she said. "In the practice of law not everyone is that happy to see you. It's a nice switch."

Seymour, a Hudson resident since 1990, is a life-long animal lover.

"I enjoy animals of all kinds," she said.

Seymour, who has served on the board of the Humane Society of Greater Akron, said she always wanted to adopt every animal that came up.

"I would call my husband and say 'There's this dog' and then I would bring another one home," she said.

At the moment her family has three animals: one cat, a lab and an 11-year-old mixed breed with three legs.

"She lost her leg before we adopted her. She's our senior dog."

At the moment, Seymour's clients are cats and dogs, no exotic animals yet, but she said she is willing to pet sit anything, short of snakes.

"I'm not fond of snakes," she said.

Seymour, 54, is taking her lead from Janet Britton Pet Sitter, local pet sitter familiar to many area residents. Britton has been pet sitting for Seymour animals for two decades.

Britton, who is not taking new clients, is referring new people to Seymour.

"I have had a fabulous business for 22 years with wonderful customers and I will stick with the people I have, but new customers need to see Carrie," Britton said.

Britton said she has been referring new customers to Seymour since the beginning of the year.

"She is a wonderful person and a good fit for me," Britton said.

Pet sitting is not the only thing Seymour and Britton have in common. Both made radical career changes to enter the pet sitting business. Britton was in real estate before she began her pet business.

Both have a sincere heart for the animals they serve.

"It is so beneficial for animals to be in their own homes when the owners are away," Seymour said. "Pet sitting gives an animal one on one attention. If they want to stop and sniff, they can stop and sniff. If they want petted, they get petted."

Seymour is a member of two professional pet sitting societies -- The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence. She is also insured.

"Any pet sitter worth her salt is insured," she said.

For more information, contact Seymour by calling 216-410-2606 or by email at:


Phone: 330-541-9436