It may not be a far move, but patients at West Avenue Family Practice will soon be headed to a new location.

West Avenue Family Practice will relocate from its current 224 West Ave. address to 145 West Ave.

The new location is currently under construction, and Dr. Thom Schmeiser, owner of the practice, anticipates it to be completed some time between August and November.

Schmeiser said he made the decision to move his practice to acquire more space for parking. The new location will also offer more square-footage, he said.

Schmeiser said he began looking for a new location close to his current practice, which has been at 224 West Ave. for 10 years, about a year ago. "We've had issues with parking," said Schmeiser. "We added an urgent care, and our practice has grown quite a lot. Parking started to get a bit sparse. We don't own this building, and don't have the ability to grow in it."

The practice, which currently has one physician, three physician assistants and about 15 independent contractor physicians that work in the urgent care specifically, is looking to add one to two new physicians in the next year.

The independent contractors at the practice also work at Accu-Med Akron Inc., an urgent care facility in Ellet that Schmeiser bought after the facility's physician died in early April. Schmeiser said they were able to reopen the facility quickly to continue servicing the practice's regular patients. The physicians work at both locations.

Currently, the practice also features a lab and an urgent care under roof. While it is still up in the air as to whether the lab will be moving to the new location, Schmeiser said it will be there in one form or another, along with the urgent care.