Tallmadge police charged an 82-year-old Cuyahoga Falls man with disorderly conduct June 18 after the man allegedly flew a kite while naked at the Summit County Fairgrounds.

According to the incident report, a complaint was made to Summit County Fair Board Director Michael Housman about a man flying a kite on the old air field at 1:40 p.m. while a youth horse camp was going on at the fairgrounds.

Housman told police he drove over to the location and saw the man set his feet outside his vehicle and put on a pair of black shorts. Police noted in the report that as the man was wearing nothing else, "he had to be naked at some point, either in his car or while flying his kite."

Housman called Tallmadge police, who upon arrival observed the man at the far end of the property hurriedly packing his car.

According to the responding officer, the man sat quietly in his car as the officer pulled up. He told the officer he had never been naked, but when asked for his identification, "he had to sort through a pair of pants which were crumpled on the passenger seat."

The man was told by the Summit County Fair Board to leave the property and never return. The responding officer described the man as "rude," and that he "eventually admitted to being nude at some point while out on the field."

The man told the officer he understood he could not return to the fairgrounds and said he would go to the site of the former Triple Crown Restaurant in Munroe Falls to fly kites. The officer advised him to remain fully clothed while flying kites. The Munroe Falls Police Department was also apprised of the incident and the man's plans to fly his kite in its community.

The next morning, June 19, the same man was issued a summons for criminal trespass after Housman saw him in his vehicle on fairground property near the administration building at 9 a.m.

Housman once again contacted Tallmadge police, who described the man as being "calm and lucid." He told police he entered the fairgrounds to check on kite-flying locations for friends and wanted to take his family to the fairgrounds during the annual fair in mid-July.

When asked by officers if he remembered their conversation the previous day, he said he did.