Akron police are investigating an accident involving an Akron traffic officer and a 27-year-old Tallmadge woman which took place around 10:45 p.m. June 25.
According to Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards, the officer was traveling northbound on South Main Street in a cruiser, when she was struck by the Tallmadge woman, who was heading westbound on East Miller Street in a 2004 Ford Escape.
Edwards said the Tallmadge woman drove through a flashing red light before hitting the cruiser, which resulted in her car being flipped onto its roof.
A 22-year veteran of the Akron Police Department, the officer was transported to Akron City Hospital where she was treated and released, said Edwards.
The Tallmadge woman was transported to Akron General Medical Center. Edwards said he was unsure as to whether she had been released when he spoke to the Tallmadge Express Friday afternoon.
While the incident remains under investigation, Edwards said he expects charges to be filed next week.
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