Streetsboro -- The city's fire department recently acquired a $30,000 defibrillator monitor for free from the Reminderville Fire Department.

The Monitor Lifepack 15 came from village Fire Chief Tom Plunkett, whose department had an extra one after Reminderville acquired an additional one through a grant.

Streetsboro Fire Chief Robert Reinholz praised Plunkett, an Aurora resident and unsuccessful mayoral candidate

"Chief Plunkett was gracious enough to give it to us on a permanent loan. The way the [Reminderville] grant was written, they couldn't just give it to us," Reinholz said. "It was a generous donation."

Defibrillator monitors range in price between about $28,000 and $35,000 each, Reinholz said.

Streetsboro was able to make the deal since Tom Plunkett Jr., son of the Reminderville chief, works for the Streetsboro Fire Department, stated Reinholz.

A defibrillator monitor unit has two parts. The monitor has an EKG device "where lines go up and down and tell what the heart is doing -- its rate, rhythm and if something is going on with the heart, if it's going too fast or too slow," Reinholz said. A defibrillator uses electricity and can jump start a heart, if necessary.

With its new one, which was approved March 24 by City Council, Streetsboro has five defibrillator monitors -- two on fire engines and three on ambulances.

"You have to have a defibrillator monitor on an ambulance," Reinholz said. "It's an essential piece of equipment. About 40 percent of our calls are related to defibrillator monitors. So if a 55-year-old man complains of chest pains, we'll put the monitor on him to see what his heart is doing."


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