Hudson -- The Public Works Department juggles service requests from residents with scheduled service jobs.

Public Works Director Frank Comeriato told Council members June 10 during a workshop that the department needs to be flexible because situations change.

"We have to adjust to provide the best services," Comeriato said.

The Public Works Department is responsible for road way traffic signs and safety; snow and ice removal; leaf collection, special event services; work zone set ups; and roads and right of ways maintenance.

The department maintains 359 lane miles of road way within the city's 25 square miles, which includes street sweeping and road side mowing. Two employees manufacture, install and maintain more than 5,000 city signs.

The department can receive service request because a sign is down, there's garbage on the street, a pothole complaint or a traffic signal isn't working.

"We are constantly juggling jobs and have to prioritize," Comeriato said.

Technology allows the department to organize and prioritize work and track data for the workgroups.

For the routine and repetitive work, maps and GPS are used to give drivers details of the work, he said.

Last winter (2013-14) was the worst that he could remember because of low temperatures, Comeriato said.

"We met the city goals and received a lot of compliments on the service," he said. "But if it was the standard, we would have to increase resources. We got through it but couldn't do it every year without keeping up with the equipment."

Because equipment is large and expensive, it is a struggle to purchase and repair the excavators, mowers, salt trucks, leaf machines and more.

"If something breaks, it's usually a major need to fix," Comeriato said.

The department uses a community survey to keep track of residents' satisfaction or dissatisfaction with services. More information is available at the city website


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