Hudson -- A city should be in the front of someone's mind when the president or owner of a company is looking for a place to locate a new business, according to the city of Hudson's marketing plan.

Economic Development Director Chuck Wiedie said the second phase of the marketing strategy plan will be ongoing and requires repetition of the "Business Welcome" message by the city to businesses to create a presence.

With phase 1 of the marketing strategy completed, phase II was unveiled to Council June 10 by Wiedie, Communications Manager Jody Roberts and George Snider of the economic growth board.

Part of the strategy is to use a variety of methods such as articles, direct mail, emails, visits, hosting group events and attending events to present the message "Business Welcome. Workforce Ready." about Hudson to potential businesses.

Mayor William Currin said all residents are ambassadors of Hudson to visitors and should encourage businesses to locate in Hudson.

The city hired Denver-based Atlas Advertising in October 2012 for a three-year contract for $254,000 to develop a marketing plan to attract businesses.

The city paid $76,000 in the first year for the marketing plan and $89,000 for each of the next two years for implementation, changes and updates.

Council member William Wooldredge said he was concerned about metrics and how the city would measure the success of the marketing program.

Wiedie said they will track and analyze all the information gathered about responses to emails, visits, number of businesses growing or moving to Hudson as well as other marketing strategies and compile a report of the results for Council.

Council member Alex Kelemen said metrics measure the overall success but he wanted to look at the different efforts to determine what works and what does not.

"It's too early to tell where we will get the biggest return on our investment," Wiedie said.

Council members wanted quarterly reports, and Council member David Basil wanted the city to highlight business retention as well as expansion.

A report with costs is available at the city website and breaks down the first phase expenses of $76,317 for marketing research ($10,000); brand development ($15,000); marketing plan ($12,000); marketing campaign elements and materials ($33,425); and travel ($5,892).

Phase II ,which is budgeted at $79,560, will include site selector visits and events ($12,000); trade missions/co-op marketing (in-house); direct mail and email campaign ($12,000); social media marketing campaign (in-house); advertising campaign online ($14,000); host annual business events ($7,500); attend conferences and events ($20,000); develop Powerpoint content/slide share ($2,500); outreach to local companies ($7,500); collateral for community/company presentations (in-house); and printing, mailing and other costs ($4,000).

Wiedie will present a report on metrics in the future.


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