Hudson -- A new exhibit at the Margaret Clark Morgan Art Gallery, 10 W. Streetsboro St., showcases the talent of clients of Portage Path Behavior Health.

The Creativity Inspired by Recovery art exhibition is on display at the gallery and free to the public Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The exhibition showcases the talent of more than a dozen clients of Portage Path Behavioral Health in Akron and provides insight into the relationship between creative expression and recovery from mental illness or addiction..

The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation has awarded Portage Path Behavior Health grants in the past, said Brenda Schneider, senior program officer at the MCM Foundation.

"We already had a relationship with them," Schneider said. "They approached us after seeing the gallery in our office."

Portage Path Behavior Health uses art therapy and many of the clients and staff wanted to exhibit their artwork, she said.

A reception June 5 allowed the public to meet the artists and ask questions about their artwork. A smoke alarm interrupted the artists' talks, but the cause was construction dust in another part of the building and the show resumed.

Artists include Julie Adaska, Jennifer Baskin, Victoria Cavill, Laura DeAngelo, Kevin Hudak, Shirley Hunt, Terry Klausman, Robert Klein, Marti Maurer, David Moskovitz, MD, Shari Nemeth, Charlotte Newman, S.K.O., Elizabeth Powell, Mary Denese Robinson, Jose Sacaridiz, Anne Marie Snyder and Jenna Wyatt.

Some of the artists talked about how the artwork helped them recover.

Elizabeth Powell talked about a painting she began in the late 1970s that portrays her as a girl of 3 who feels out of place at a birthday party for 7 year olds.

"They were shunning me because I was the little kid in the group, and they didn't really want me at this 7th birthday party," Powell said.

She didn't run and learned to be strong and stand up for herself, Powell said.

Kevin Hudak described the symbolism in his painting about Mary conceiving Christ.

"I wanted it to be dark and mysterious with the mystery of unraveling creation," Hudak said.

Shirley Hunt said her painting represents how she felt during recovery, and the light is the illumination from therapy.

The mission of the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation is to improve the lives of people with serious mental illness by investing in innovative projects in Northeast Ohio.

On Sept. 3 and 4, at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, the foundation will sponsor a mental health forum about creative expressive therapy, Schneider said. Participants can earn continuing education credits. More information is available at

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