Hudson Job Search invites people to hear Donald Wayne McLeod present "Perceptionology" at the next meeting on June 2.

McLeod says, "How you are perceived is your reality." People will never see themselves as others see the; however, Perceptionology allows them to hear how others perceive then.

Everyday people come in contact with others who perceive them on a multitude of levels. It is imperative for people to hear how they are being perceived on those levels. How people stand, walk, talk, shake hands, say hello and say goodbye are all being evaluated as is their energy, sincerity, eye contact, listening skills and manners. Community members are welcome to come find out how all this can help them in their job search.

Donald Wayne McLeod has helped over 2,000 displaced Ohio workers.He has been teaching21st Century Theme Skillsfor the past six years. He has an inherent ability to connect with others on a personal level and can teach you to do the same. In addition to his individual and corporate clients, Donald Wayne has served as a facilitator for such nonprofit organizations as SCORE, Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland, Counsel of Small Enterprises, Future Emerging Leaders of Lake County, Toastmasters and Lake Works to name a few.