The following came from the website May 20:

"There is a suspected, but unconfirmed case of mumps in a student attending the High School.  After working closely with the Summit County Health Department, we have learned that test results for mumps are often inconclusive.  There have been several cases of mumps in central Ohio and no confirmed cases in Summit County.  We understand that sharing public information about health issues may raise concerns and generate media; however, Hudson City Schools feels that it is important to keep parents informed about what is happening in their schools.

While there is no need for any student to be excluded from school at this time, the High School is contacting the families of those students who have not been vaccinated for Mumps.  In order to raise awareness about the Mumps virus and what parents should know, we have included information from Summit County Public Health in this message.   While school ends in three weeks, the Health Department emphasizes that it is important for parents to watch for Mumps symptoms throughout the summer and to seek the advice of your child’s physician if you have questions or concerns."