Aurora -- For district treasurer Bill Volosin, working in "a high-achieving district" like Aurora has made his job rewarding.

Superintendent Russ Bennett said the fact the district is rated as one of the most efficient in Ohio, as well as achieved numerous perfect audits, "shows Bill is an outstanding treasurer."

"Aurora is such a good, high-achieving district, and the public strongly supports us," said Volosin, who is in his 10th year as treasurer and was the schools' business manager for six years prior to that. "That really makes my job enjoyable."

Volosin wasn't always in such a position. He previously worked for 13 years as business manager for Youngstown schools. Although he was surrounded by talented co-workers, he said the district was in a fiscal emergency status.

"It was an inner-city school district and money wasn't always available," he said. "The schools didn't have the public support like there is in Aurora.

"The district was shrinking. So when I had an opportunity to come to a district like Aurora where things are moving in a positive direction, that made coming here an easy decision," he said.

"Bill quietly goes about his work in the most professional way," Bennett said. "When Bill puts together the long- and short-range plans, he is extremely accurate in his assumptions, budgeting and projections. He is always accurate and precise ­-- skills that are a must for a treasurer."

Board of Education President Gerald Kohanski said Volosin received an outstanding rating on his last performance review by the School Board in September 2013.

"HIS AURORA administrative peers view him as a very level-headed individual who is a good planner and who keeps relevant district personnel well advised on financial matters through frequent communications," Kohanski said.

Volosin said the most challenging part of his job involves state cutbacks -- "making sure what dollars we do have are enough to operate the district the way we expect to."

He said the most enjoyable part of his job is working with his co-workers including the superintendent and School Board members along with employees like accounts manager Linda Lucarelli and payroll manager Diane Ebie.

"They all make my job easier," he said. "Everybody works together to make the district a good place."

Volosin and wife Judy have three daughters who are all in or headed for the field of medicine -- Alyssa, a nurse, lives in Youngstown; Amanda attends Ohio Northern University and is studying to become a pharmacist; and Megan, who will graduate this spring from Aurora High School, plans to study nursing. The family also has a bichon-poodle mix named Paisley.

In his spare time, Volosin enjoys golfing and yard work.

Bennett said it is imperative that a district have a treasurer and superintendent who are on the same page.

"That's the reality in Aurora," Bennett said. "I feel blessed to have that positive relationship, but more importantly to work with someone I consider the best treasurer in the state. Aurora is very lucky to have such a fine treasurer."


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