On the heels of the controversy over the painting of the old railroad bridge, concerned citizens should be made aware of other acts attributed to Hudson youth, Hudson High School students Cat Tolbert, Grace Poranski and Alicia Magnes, with no connection to the bridge incident, were caught pulling the invasive mustard garlic plants at Hudson Springs Park. This was apparently a result of the Hudson Community First community service day. In other parks and at Laurel Lake, Hudson School District students were also caught in the act of benefiting the community during Saturday morning. , In fact, it has been alleged that Hudson students have been involved throughout the year in incidents of benefits to senior citizens, special needs children, the infirm and others in our community with the High School Service Learning class, Key club, Soccer4All and other community and student organizations. When questioned as to why they would do these acts,  "helping the community" and "personal fulfillment" are among the excuses given.