Hudson Boys Volleyball Progress to 14-1

Head Coach Larry Meehan knew he had a strong team this season, but a coach is never sure how strong until the games begin.

The Hudson Boys’ Volleyball team is now 14-1 with only 1 week left in regular season before the play-offs begin.  Hudson had a busy schedule with 4 games this past week.  The boys beat Amherst, Kent, Stow, and Jackson while only losing 2 sets through 4 complete games.

Coach Meehan hoped this team would be good, but one never knows.  The senior class is strong with Sam Kline and Reggie Musnuff leading the way.  Sam and Reggie have the ability to play a complete rotation in the back and front rows.  They are also the team’s big hitters averaging approximately 3.5 and 3.2 kills per set, and together have 89% of all kills for the team.  These two players combine for 38% of all touches on the ball during the games.   Supporting their efforts is their setter, fellow senior,  Zeyd Ozgur.  Ozgur also plays complete rotations and makes up for another 15% of all attempts for the team.  Zeyd recently had a record 25 assists in a 5 set game against Brunswick.

4 year player, Nick Stenger, has historically played the role of outside hitter and front row specialist.  This year he has played some back row and occasionally sets when the opportunity arises.  Taylor Vigliotti stepped in as “libero” his senior year as the back row defensive specialist.  He leads the team in successful digs.  Senior Ben Blechman is a first year player who has applied his soccer goal keeper skills to volleyball.  Ben says that predicting when volleys are in play or out of play along with protecting the back line is similar to goalkeeping.   Ben also has had a couple of dramatic “foot volleys” to keep an important point alive. (Recent new rules allow players to hit the ball with any body part)

At the beginning of the season, the future looked bright with 6’5” senior Derek Scharz returning to the team after not playing his sophomore or junior years.   Derek was that height advantage that the team needed as well as being a fan favorite.  However, Derek was sidelined 3 games into the season with a pulled ligament in his foot.  He still provides team support during games from the sidelines.

Junior Noah Stupica had to move to middle blocker after Schwarz was hurt.  He now leads the team in blocks with 30 with Musnuff close behind with 21.   

After Schwarz was injured, sophomore Griffin Rudy stepped up into the starting lineup.  Rudy was introduced to boys’ volleyball on the high school team as a freshman and played club volleyball during the off-season in order to improve his skills.

Seeing some Varsity action have been junior Derek Potts, sophomores Clayton Travis,  Andrew Suchan, and freshmen Larry Meehan and Thomas Morgan. 

Coach Meehan explains that the team has a strong senior framework with a few underclassmen as its extensions.

The Boys’ Volleyball team has rolled through their competition all season.  The only loss was to private school powerhouse, Hoban, right after Schwarz was injured.  The team has had 2 marathon wins against Brunswick winning both games in 5 set nail-biters.  In both Brunswick games, Hudson appeared in control winning the first and second set.  Then Brunswick rallied back with 2 set wins of its own.  Hudson was able to prevail in the fifth set of both games with big plays from its starting line.

Next week the team meets St Ignatius for the first time this season.  St Ignatius  is ranked 4th in the Northern Ohio Region and Hudson is ranked 5th.  They finish the regular season this week with games against Villa Angel-St. Joseph, and Medina. 


Caption: the Boys' Volleyball team are eating up the competition

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