Heidi Summerlin of Aurora, a student at Youngstown State University, was recognized at the 2014 Honors Convocation. She received the Phi Alpha Theta Award. Honors Convocation celebrates the achievements of YSU's top academic students.

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Aurora resident Claire Ober, along with 171 classmates, was recognized at the 2014 Wittenberg University honors convocation for induction into a national honor society April 11 in Weaver Chapel.

She was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society that seeks to recognize and encourage scholarship among first-year college women. Selection is based on achieving a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average for fall semester of the first year.

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Brittany Labry of Aurora, who is enrolled in the honors program at Heidelberg University, presented her senior honors project last week.

Labry, who is majoring in biology, discussed her research on the topic "Genetic Identification and Comparison of Different Clam Species within the Family Sphaeriidaeas." It was the culmination of honors program requirements before graduation.

Each honors student during his or her senior year works with a faculty mentor to complete a capstone project that derives from their major field. The research project is designed to individualize and deepen the understanding of a topic of compelling interest in his/her major.

The final project is presented in writing and the student also is required to present projects before the campus community.