Hudson - A Kent State junior is searching for homes to paint over the summer as part of a business oriented internship.

Anna Mangerie, a 20-year-old junior at Kent State University, has been selected as an intern in the College Works Painting internship program. She is learning throughout the season how to effectively run her own house painting business and by the end of spring, will start managing and supervising her own hand-picked team of painters.

Mangerie is working towards a bachelor degree in business management. She is excited and driven to have such a great experience and to learn the ropes of running a business on her own.

"One thing that I learned from the training process for this internship is to differentiate yourself from everyone else," Mangerie said. "Everyone that graduates college will get a diploma, but not everyone can say they ran their own business before graduating."

"What will set me far apart from any competition after college is the experience I'll gain from managing my own company in this internship," she said. "This opportunity will prepare me for what I plan on doing as my occupation for the rest of my life. This will show me how to not only be successful but also realize the importance of customer service."

College Works Painting has been providing this internship opportunity to college students for more than 20 years and now in over 25 states. Mangerie as well as other interns continue their training through the spring and during the summer, with professionals guiding them at every step. College Works Painting provides free home estimates for clients interested in getting their homes painted in the summer. Anna herself will be working mostly within the Hudson area this summer and encourages anyone to contact him for a free estimate.

Contact her at by phone at 724-630-5233.