Face it: just putting your business' contact information in the yellow pages is not enough. An effective marketing strategy in today's electronic world requires more.

Dix Communications, the parent company of the Record-Courier and Record Publishing Co.'s community newspapers, has launched Full Spectrum Marketing, a branch devoted to helping businesses attract customers using social media and the Internet in general. The new company hosted a series of free seminars from April 22 to 24 featuring Darrell Hively, a media professional and founder and CEO of Guarantee Digital, to explain the importance of keeping an updated website and mobile site, videos, social media and search engines -- all of which Full Spectrum Marketing offers services for.

Hively spoke at the Kent State Hotel & Conference Center as well as the Natatorium in Cuyahoga Falls April 22. He followed those sessions with one April 23 at the Hudson Library and Historical Society, and two on April 24 at the Rodman Public Library in Alliance.

The key to business, according to Hively, is having a strong reputation to the potential market that the business wishes to serve. And with the popularity of social media, people have the chance to share every single experience that they go through in a given day.

"With social media, it's like word of mouth on steroids," Hively said.

If a customer leaves a store unhappy, and happens to have 2,000 Twitter followers and 1,000 friends on Facebook, the damage could be exhausting. If that same customer is enthusiastic about their experience the benefits have the potential to be enormous.

Another way reputation is built in the 21st century is through Internet placement, and just having a nice website is not enough anymore. According to a stat provided by Hively, in 2013 mobile device searches surpassed those conducted on a desktop. People are on their phones at most times. Even during the seminar some wrestled with theirs, and understanding people can access a product at anytime highlights the importance of having a strong mobile website. A mobile site should be easy to navigate using a smart phone. Mobile and regular sites should have videos on them and be constantly updated.

"You don't need to be a car dealer to have you own infomercial," said Hively.

People like watching videos on the Internet. Hively said Youtube uploads more than 70 hours of video every minute. Videos attract people and gives them reasons to stay on a web page an extra minute longer, which could mean a customer for life.

Full Spectrum Marketing is offering eight services. A customer can buy them all, or pick and choose what services best fit his needs. The firm offers visibility, SEO, YouTube, reputation management, text marketing, email marketing, social hotspot and social media management.

Full Spectrum can be contacted at 330-541-9455, or visit www.fullspectrummarketing.com.