Hudson -- The city will spend $2 million on road reconstruction in 2014 and $600,000 on repaving roads.

In 2013 Council approved borrowing $5 million, which will be financed for $600,000 per year for 10 years, for road reconstruction projects. They spent $1 million in 2013, have the before mentioned $2 million designated for this year and plans to spend the remaining $2 million in 2015.

With road reconstruction, the contractor mills out 7 inches of the existing pavement down to the ground. Cement is mixed with the dirt to create a road base and is cured for five days. An intermediate layer of asphalt is put down. Then boxes and manholes are cut into the asphalt and a top layer is installed.

The city's Asphalt Resurfacing and Reconstruction Program is a yearly project to rebuild or repave roads. The city evaluates the roads in the spring and selects the worst ones based on a rating system.

The city of Hudson utilizes the Ohio Department of Transportation Pavement Condition Rating System to rate the streets from 1 to 100 with 100 the best. The city attempts to rate all asphalt streets every two years. Most streets in the city that are scheduled to be resurfaced or reconstructed fall within a range of a 30-55 rating. Streets with the worst ratings are placed at the top of the list.

Residents are notified before work begins if their street is involved in the project. For questions, call the engineering department at 330-342-1770 during business hours.

Roads scheduled for resurfacing in 2014 include:

College Street from Aurora Street to East Prospect Street; Darrow Road from southern border to south of Corporate Parkway; East Sapphire Drive from Norton Road to the cul-de-sac; North Main Street patching from state Route 303 to High Street; Red Fox Trail from Woodbridge Road to #7713; and Topaz Drive from Sapphire Drive to cul-de-sac.

Roads to be reconstructed involve Alsace Court from Weston to cul-de-sac; Deacon Court from Weston to cul-de-sac; Hemingway Court from Weston to cul-de-sac; Independence Drive from state Route 303 to Jamestown Court; Inverness Court from Heather Lane to cul-de-sac; Jamestown Court from Nicholson Drive to cul-de-sac; Lauren Drive from Londonairy Blvd. to cul-de-sac; Longfellow Lane from Weston Drive to cul-de-sac; Nicholson Drive from West Streetsboro Street to Leslie Drive; Paderbourne Drive from curbed area to south of #6191; Patriot Court from Independence Drive to cul-de-sac; Pickerington Way from Paderbourne Drive to end of roadway; Southwick Court from Londonairy Blvd. to cul-de-sac; Thackery Lane from Hammontree Drive to new pavement; Union Drive from Nicholson Drive to new pavement; Virginia Court from Virginia Drive to cul-de-sac; Virginia Drive from Williamsburg Circle to Nicholson Drive; Weston Drive from Norton Road to Alsace Court; and Westchester Court from Weston Drive to cul-de-sac.

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