Hudson -- Visitors can look through portals of artwork by two artist at the Margaret Clark Morgan Gallery, 10 W. Streetsboro St. in Hudson through May 28.

Karen Koch, whose studio is located on Main Street in Hudson, and Jan Noden of Ravenna greeted visitors at a reception April 10 at the Margaret Clark Morgan gallery where their artwork created for the Exploration of Portals exhibit is displayed. Most of the artwork is for sale.

The artwork portrays the transitions between past and present. Portals can be a doorway, gateway or an entrance and symbolize entry points from one place to the next.

The Margaret Clark Morgan Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Koch and Noden had not worked together before, but both are inspired by nature and memories.

"Memories are connections to the past and present and transition from here to there," Koch said.

They began with the idea of windows, doorways and gateways and expanded it to portals.

"It was fun working with someone I didn't know well and forming a partnership," Noden said.

When they decided on portals, they created all new artwork for the show, Noden said.

Koch said she was a seamstress in college and uses thread in some of her artwork. The artwork Tropical Arch uses paper, acrylic paint and thread.

"I've always been a painter but now do more collage," Koch said. "I like the mixture of the mediums."

Koch is inspired by nature and memories of days gone by with abstract paintings and collages.

Koch said the cold winter inspired some of her artwork.

"I saw frost crystals on the windows and took photographs," she said.

Koch said she may begin with a photograph and then make a sketch and a smaller version before working on a larger version of the artwork.

Noden uses water-based media and collage that combines printing, painting, drawing and photography.

Noden took an arch from a previous project she didn't like and placed it on a painting of an overgrown garden.

"I had to reconstruct the arch and added new pieces to unify it," Noden said. "I liked it because the garden was overgrown and the arch had been through some problems."

Noden said she was working on ideas about memory when her brother was diagnosed with lung cancer.

"It was very therapeutic," Noden said. "I feel art can be a wonderful way of dealing with emotions."

She incorporated her grandparents and family members into some of the artwork on display.

The next art exhibit at the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation Gallery will be Arts & Minds: Recovery Art by Portage Path Behavioral Health Clients and will be shown June 3 through July 9.

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