Hudson -- There's a new top dog in town and her name is Lilly.

Lilly, a 7-year-old mixed breed, mostly chocolate Labrador, is maintaining a long-standing tradition at the Learned Owl Book Shop in downtown Hudson.

She replaces the now retired book shop dog, Ruby, who replaced Maggie, who replaced B.J.

A sign on the shop door warns patrons: "New book store dog in training."

The warning is not because Lilly is unfriendly -- far from it -- but because she likes to go out on Main Street and mingle.

"The first day she got out twice," said shop owner and pet parent, Kate Schlademan.

There's always been a dog at the shop previously owned by Liz Murphy. Most recently, Ruby a golden retriever, retired with her owner and would visit the shop occasionally.

Since Ruby's visits were limited -- she now hangs out at the visitor center on weekends with Liz -- Schlademan decided to get her own dog.

"I've always wanted a dog," the book shop owner said.

Schlademan said Lilly is a rescue dog from the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

She said patrons' reactions to Lilly have been positive.

"They're excited to see a dog here again," she said.

And Lilly is equally excited to see people -- and have them pet her.


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