Hudson -- On March 29, shortly after 10 a.m., the EMS center on Oviatt Street was attacked by a lone suspect that broke one pane of glass, attempted to break several more and jumped onto a squad before escaping authorities.

The attacker left a blood trail and other DNA samples behind, according to officials. Police believe this was an isolated incident.

Who was the thug that caused about $130 in damage in the attack? A ticked-off Tom turkey.

According to police, the wild turkey had "flown into one of EMS garage door windows on the north side of the building, smashing the entire pane."

The turkey launched itself at the window pane so hard that some employees thought it was a gunshot, according to Hudson Communications Manager Jody Roberts.

The bird landed in the bay, "shook itself and jumped onto one of the squads," according to EMS staffers.

The angry gobbler then exited through the same window, according to police. Before fleeing, the turkey "tried to hit several more nearby windows with negative results," police reported.

The officer on the scene conducted a quick online search and found that male turkeys can become aggressive if seeing a reflection in a window, thinking another turkey is on its turf.

"I advised the male officers on my shift to be on the alert for the turkey in case it bombarded them by mistake," the officer reported.

Officers were unable to apprehend the turkey, according to officials.

"The bird did get away," Roberts said.

Roberts was not aware of any similar attacks to the EMS center or city buildings.

The elusive bird left a trail of blood and feathers in its wake, according to police.

It left something else behind, too, according to Roberts.

"Needless to say, turkey jokes are abundant around here now," she said.


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