Besides earning money to donate to Ubumi, students will be learning about countries around the world.

At the high school, Service Learning is putting on an Animal Appreciation Day/Carnival/Fundraiser April 11 from 9:55 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. in the wrestling gym with a $2 animal exhibit and a $2 carnival or $3 for both. All the proceeds going to the Children of Ubumi orphanage, Hudson's orphanage.

At Hudson Middle School, Terry Williams Stump's art/technology class will be "globetrotting" over the week of April 10-13.

"We will check out American portrait artists that were influenced by European art trends, visit other countries and paint ceiling tiles with other country flags," Stump said. "I hope to Skype with Bangladesh and Indonesia."

The Hudson Middle School world language department teachers are hosting speakers demonstrating how language is used in their careers.

The 4KIDS will be fundraising during the International Week for the Orphanage again, said Assistant Principal Karen Weber. Weber created a "Did You Know?' document so students can connect with this cause. "I truly believe that we need to help them make a commitment so that year after year they are aware of who they are helping," Weber said.

Some of Principal Jennifer Filomena's second-graders at Ellsworth Hill Elementary School are studying the Masai and Inuit cultures as part of their social studies curriculum. In addition, all second graders are participating in a multi-disciplinary African unit in their Unified Arts classes.

First grader English Language Learner students have prepared presentations on their family's native countries. "They will give a Culture Talk with their parent to their classrooms and teach colors and numbers to their classmates in their native language," said teacher Sheryl Menke.

"I also will be presenting Tonga to about five rotations of first-grade classes on April 11," Menke said.

Others can share their heritage by visiting facebook/Hudsoninternationfestival to take a survey.

Downtown visitors can view children's art work on display at participating merchants and donate to A Buck for Ubumi.


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