Hudson -- Residents can offer input at a public hearing April 16 on rezoning a commercial property to residential to allow 88 more homes to be built at The Reserve at River Oaks.

Council will consider changing the zoning for a parcel of land south of Boston Mills Road at the corporate limits with the Village of Boston Heights from "District 6: Western Hudson Gateway" to "District 3: Outer Village Residential Neighborhood zone."

Council could vote on the issue after the hearing.

Community Development Director Mark Richardson said March 25 at a Council workshop that the developer, Prestige Homes, is looking for a location for a second access road fronting Boston Mills Road to the Reserve at River Oaks development and asked for the rezoning of the 91.5 acre western parcel. If approved, owner Chris Brown could build 88 additional residential units.

The Hudson planning commission approved The Reserve At River Oaks preliminary plan in September 2013 with 144 single family detached residential lots constructed in five phases on 353 acres with approximately half the land maintained as wetlands. Construction has not begun.

The planning commission recommended at its March 10 meeting to approve the rezoning. Although the planning commission admits the city would lose some commercial industrial zoned land, it would preserve an environmentally sensitive area.

The planning commission also recommended adding three neighboring parcels owned by two other people for the rezoning to take the zoned area to the Village of Boston Heights border.

The owner of two parcels, Kathleen Dougherty, spoke April 2 at a Council meeting and was against the rezoning of her property and the 91.5 neighboring acres. She has a business on one parcel and plans to expand but would not meet requirements for a commercial setback, and if rezoned residential, her plans for a commercial building would be a conditional use.

Council members looked at other options for a secondary road.

Council member Keith Smith asked about Petit Road in Boston Heights which dead ends at the corporation line with Hudson.

Council President Hal DeSaussure also asked about past plans to connect Hudson Crossing Parkway with Boston Mills Road.

Richardson said a road connection was not part of the plan, and the developer would build an access road through the area whether or not the zoning was changed.

Interim City Manager Scott Schroyer said the city would look at widening Boston Mills Road to provide turn lanes due to visibility. Changes would accomodate additional traffic after Chittenden Road was connected to Boston Mills Road and in anticipation of more homes in the area.


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