Chicago, Ill. –  While gas prices continue to climb incrementally in many U.S. markets, consumers in the Great Lakes have seen the steepest price hikes since New Year’s Day.

U.S. cities with the greatest price increases since January 1, 2014

CITY            Change (since Jan 1, 2014)
1.    Lansing, MI        70c/gal
2.    Grand Rapids, MI    68c/gal
3.    Kalamazoo, MI        67c/gal
4.    Champaign, IL        66c/gal    
5.    Flint, MI        64c/gal
6.    Toledo, OH        63c/gal
7.    Indianapolis, IN        60c/gal
8.    Cincinnati, OH        60c/gal
9.    Dayton, OH        60c/gal
10.    Ft. Wayne, IN        57c/gal
11.    Columbus, OH        57c/gal
12.    Lexington, KY        57c/gal
13.    Omaha, NE        55c/gal
14.    Ann Arbor, MI        54c/gal
15.    Sioux Falls, SD        53c/gal

“In the Great Lakes region we’re accustomed to volatility but it arrived awfully early this year.  Coincidentally,  when we looked at the markets where we’ve seen the greatest number of GasBuddy app downloads since the year began, eight of the top 15 markets nationwide are in this region as well.  Most notably, consumers in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati and Columbus have shown extraordinary interest –and for good reason!” added DeHaan.

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