Twinsburg -- Extending membership to non-residents of the city for the first time and raising existing fees, City Council voted unanimously March 18 to approve a new fee schedule for the outdoor water park.

The new fee structure raises fees for city residents by an average of roughly 10 percent and introduces fees for Reminderville and Twinsburg Township residents, which are, on average, about 28 percent higher than city resident fees.

Under the 2014 fee structure, township and village residents will pay $90 for an individual season pass; $170 for a family of two; $210 for a family of three; $250 for a family of four; and $300 for a family of five or more.

City residents will pay $70 for an individual season pass; $125 for a family of two, $170 for a family of three, $199 for a family of four and $235 for a family of five or more, compared to 2013 rates of $66, $115, $156, $181 and $206.

The water park also will offer multi-day passes for $60 for city residents and $90 for township residents and villagers, as well as drop-in rates of $10 and $15.

Prior to the 2014 fee structure, village and township residents were not eligible for membership and could only visit the water park if accompanied by a city resident with membership and by paying a $12 per visit fee.

City officials say the regulations were intended to prevent overcrowding, which is now less of a concern with other swimming options in the area such as Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom.


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