Hudson -- A new Mr. Hudson was crowned following the second edition of the pageant March 18 at Hudson High School.

Junior Taehan Lee was crowned with a blue tiara and given the Mr. Hudson banner, a bouquet of flowers and a $30 gift card for Chipotle at the end of a 10-man competition that included answering questions, showing off a talent, modeling athletic wear and encouraging applause. He was escorted by sophomore Emily Carey.

"I'm open to anything," Taehan said about entering the contest in which his peers nominated him as a contestant. "I'm a unique guy and like to throw myself out there."

His singing and dancing to "Gangnam Style" won over the crowd of more than 150. Masters of ceremony history teachers Martin Bach and Colin McGowan asked questions of each contestant. When asked what film best represented his dating philosophy, Taehan said "Fight Club." When further questioned, he said, "Never talk about Fight Club."

For any girl thinking about asking Mr. Husdon to the Sadie Hawkins dance in April, they will need to go all out with fireworks, background dancers and flowers.

Second place went to senior Reggie Musnuff, escorted by senior Molly Morris. He was given a $20 gift card to Chipotle. His talent involved solving a Rubik's Cube. The history teachers asked Reggie a question about the Ukraine, which left most of the audience members scratching their heads. Reggie answered without hesitation about political ideology and freedom from sovereignty -- or something along those lines.

All of the contestants received a goody bag and gift certificate for ice cream from Hershey's. The contest was judged by Hudson City School District Superintendent Phil Herman and three teachers, with the amount of applause factored into the decision.

Other contestants included senior Eddie Testa, escorted by junior Jenna Bouquot; senior Bradley Harris, escorted by senior Julia Sweterlitsch; junior Billy Buehl, escorted by sophomore Carleigh Roberts; junior Joe Banks, escorted by junior Marybeth Slager; sophomore Bryan Whelan, escorted junior Kennedy Bell; sophomore Patrick McQuillen, escorted by sophomore Kelly Niewolak; freshmen Taylor McCarty, escorted by sophomore Shannon Weber; and freshmen Max Cole, escorted by sophomore Andra Achim.

Eddie said he wanted to represent his school for a good cause and make people laugh. He and Bradley performed "I got my tight pants on" routine for their talent.

"I want to show Hudson there are great people out there and raise money for a great cause," Bradley said.

The event was sponsored by the Hudson High School Choir, and the money raised will help fund a choir trip to a competition in Williamsburg, Va., in early May.

Bradley had to answer a superhero question and remained diplomatic, saying Batman was better dressed but Superman could fly, which made him the best superhero.

Billy performed "Jukebox Hero" and racked up more than 220,000 points on the Guitar Hero video game.

Joe talked about his "baby face" and how he's mistaken for someone years younger than 17. Airport security lets him keep his shoes on, a privilege for those 12 and under. He said Swensons potato teasers is his must-have food.

Bryan was one of the contestants who is in the Hudson High School choir. When asked what he would do if aliens took over and he had six seconds to live, Bryan said "let's party and make a noise."

Patrick competed for the second year and shared his photography in a slide show. Taylor and Max performed a glow dance in the dark.


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