Hudson -- Council unanimously approved the purchase of four new vehicles in 2014 to replace older vehicles in the city fleet.

A 2014 Chevy 1500 pick up for $31,490 will replace a 2004 Ford Explorer in the Hudson Public Power department, and a 2014 Ford Explorer for $27,968 will replace a 2001 Explorer in engineering.

Two vehicles were no longer available in the 2014 models and needed additional funding for the 2015 models, according to Frank Comeriato, director of public works. They include a Ford F250 Super Duty for $40,439, which replaces a 2003 Ford F250 for the fleet and a Ford F550 dump body for $59,588, which replaces a 1998 Ford F-450.

Council also approved $840,000 for the utilities department budget for materials and supplies purchased in 2014.

The price of materials used to manufacture wiring, transformers, poles and fiberglass is affected by the price on petroleum and precious metals with prices guaranteed for seven days at the most, according to the city. Hudson Public Power compares prices and makes purchases on an "as-needed basis" for its scheduled projects. Limited city space prevents storage of large amounts of inventory.

The Remote Meters Program has $35,000 in its budget for valves and meters. Hudson Public Power has $75,000 budgeted for poles, transformers, wiring, switch cabinets, meters, conduits and other materials. Utility and power projects include $36,000 for Season's Road Commerce Center; $31,000 for streetlight LED replacement and conversions; $275,000 for state Route 91 LED lighting; $157,000 for River Oaks development; $200,000 for Allstate circuit improvements; and $31,000 for Trails of Hudson phase II.

Council member Dan Williams asked about the Trails of Hudson funding. He didn't want $31,000 spent on the Trails of Hudson without Council's approval.

"I want to make sure we don't spend that money until we're assured there is a phase II," Williams said. "It's not a done deal. I don't want to spend money and then get hung out to dry if there isn't a phase II."

Interim City Manager Scott Schroyer said the legislation gives authority to make purchases if and when needed, depending on what the phase is doing.


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