Hudson -- If Council approves the "request for proposals" document March 19, the city could seek tenants for the first floor of Town Hall.

Historic Town Hall, 27 E. Main St., was built in 1879 and faces the Clocktower Green. It could become home to one or more non-profit organizations.

Interim City Manager Scott Schroyer incorporated changes suggested by Council at a Jan. 21 meeting and told Council members March 11 the document was close to a final draft.

Tentatively, organizations and groups could make a proposal from March 28 through June 27, a 90-day window.

A nominal fee based on square-foot space to lease the building's first floor would be determined in the future, he said. The fee would include costs for utilities, maintenance, cleaning, phone, etc.

Proposals would include a description and identification of the organization and/or individuals involved; a proposed timetable if selected; a description of the proposed use, number of employees, number of visitors; financial information; and any relevant projects to the Hudson proposal.

Council could review the proposals and make a decision in approximately 90 days after the June 27 deadline.

The building has heating, water, electricity, a security system, telephone lines and contains three restrooms. The city would maintain ownership of the building and use the second floor for public meetings and limited office use.

The city could provide a floor plan with shared areas marked for organizations interested in leasing the space and talk with them on how to coordinate the space, Schroyer said.

Council member Dan Williams wanted to know if the restroom in the front would be available for public use.

Schroyer said he would mark on the floor plan what area in the front would be the lobby space for public use. It would include the restroom, elevator and staircase for people using the second floor room for public meetings.

Schroyer said the city would reach out to groups who have shown an interest in the building and post information on the city's website to advertise the space.

Any changes to the space would be at the tenant's expense and would need approval by the Architectural and Historic Board of Review.

Any questions regarding request for proposals and the final proposals should be submitted in writing to Scott N. Schroyer, Interim City Manager at or City of Hudson, 115 Executive Parkway, Suite 400, Hudson, OH 44236.


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