Canton, OH - Is it ok for kids to binge on mobile games? Janet Cecconi of Sylvan Learning located in Canton thinks so, as long as they are the right ones. But how can parents find games that guarantee their kids‚ screen time is actually beneficial?

To help take the guesswork out of choosing from the thousands of apps
available, Sylvan Learning introduces SylvanPlay ˆ a comprehensive,
educational mobile games network for kids in first through fourth grade.
SylvanPlay provides the best collection of educational games that
reinforce grade-appropriate lessons in fun and engaging ways and enhance what kids are already learning in the classroom while on-the-go.

Rather than just one individual app, SylvanPlay is launching with a
library of nine fun, Sylvan-approved edutainment apps all packaged
together in one network. The games, which have been developed to help students build critical skills in reading, math, science, geography,
strategic thinking and more, include:

Critter Cruise (ages 6 - 9): Inspires math and language learning as kids take a landmark filled road trip across North America, filling up their gas tank by correctly answering questions.  This game was developed exclusively for SylvanPlay and aligns to specific grade level content and the Common Core curriculum. Battle Station (ages 6 - 9): Helps kids improve number sense as they defend their ship from enemy submarines by estimating their location using marker buoys. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch. Equator (ages 6 - 9, tablet only): Challenges kids to collaborate to bring balance to the equator by testing their math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and order of operations as they play through four seasons:  summer, fall, winter, and spring. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch. Angle Asteroids (ages 6 - 9): Helps kids develop an intuition for angles as they position their laser to blast away the incoming asteroids. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch. Pizza Party (ages 6 - 9): Helps kids master fractions by splitting up the treats at a pizza party with fun tools like the Slice-o-matic. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch. Sushi Scramble (ages 6 - 9, tablet only): Develops language skills through a multiplayer word-building game where 2 to 4 players collaborate or compete to "serve" up the most words or longest word. Get Rocky (ages 6 - 9): Inspires an interest in science through a geology-based racing game that takes kids to the core of the earth. Not Lost in the Universe (ages 6 - 9, tablet only): Kids learn about how wind, the sun, water, and heat create lasting sources of energy while helping the brave explorers on the Planet Blarp refuel their power cells. Wonder Bunny Math Race (ages 3 ˆ 8): Helps younger kids ages 3-8 learn numbers, counting, addition and subtraction as they help Wonder Bunny win the race and collect carrots along the way.

"Sylvan Learning is focused on providing a personal learning experience
using the latest technology to engage and connect with kids," said
Cecconi. "Sylvan developed SylvanPlay as a way to extend the learning that happens in our center and provide parents and kids with Sylvan-approved games they know will be fun, educational, and grade-appropriate. With SylvanPlay, parents can be confident that their kids are turning game time into brain-building time."

The SylvanPlay network will continue to expand on an on-going basis and the content range will soon be available for kids up to sixth grade.
Additional edutainment apps and subjects will inspire more kids to play
anywhere and learn everywhere in new and engaging ways.

SylvanPlay is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and
offers an assortment of free and paid content ranging from $0.99 to $4.99.

To download to any mobile device, parents can type "SylvanPlay" or any of the app titles into the search function of either the Apple App store or
Android's GooglePlay store to locate the educational mobile games network.

All apps within the SylvanPlay network are free for current SylvanSync

"As kids became more comfortable working with technology, Sylvan has moved its curriculum to the iPad with the SylvanSync platform," said Cecconi. "Sylvan continues to follow what families are doing and adapting the curriculum to the devices they prefer.  Why make parents say 'no‚' to apps and games if we can turn them into educational tools that help their child succeed?"

To build the new educational game network, Sylvan Learning partnered with Fingerprint, a global technology company, to leverage its well-established mobile technology platform and proven network model. Now SylvanPlay can provide a fun and safe edutainment hub for kids and parents alike.