All second grade students in the Hudson City School district are eligible to become a member of the "Green Thumb Club." It is free, and the only requirement is that the second grader plant a garden, grow a flower or a vegetable this summer.

Bronwyn Pierson, the youth chairperson for the garden club, gave a presentation on March 5 at Ellsworth Hill Elementary to all second grade students. She explained how to start a garden from seed and the benefits of growing flowers and vegetables.

Students are also given opportunity to purchase seed packs from the garden club to start their own gardens this summer. They may order from three separate theme kits. The themes this year are "An Enchanted Garden," " Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden," and "George Washington at Mt. Vernon Garden." Each theme kit contains six packs of seeds and planting instructions. Each is priced at $2 per kit. Due date for these orders is March 15 and can be returned to the student’s teacher.

After students grow their plants over the summer, they are invited to bring them to the third grade "Harvest Fair" scheduled for September 12th where they can display flowers, vegetables, herbs and crazy critters or their own creation. The students also receive a ribbon and a "Green Thumb Club" membership certificate. Contact Bronwyn Pierson at or for more information.