Top students selected
Top students and athletes at Harmon School last week:
Sixth-graders — Samantha Finkenthal and Karina Rodgers; seventh-graders — Blake Carnahan, Carter Miley, Paige Nelson, Carly Obly, Sean O’Malley and Brynn Sesny; eighth-graders — Ben Brandes, Evan Fromwiller, Kaleen Girman, Maxim Keilin and Ben Lucal; athletes — Easa Bahlor, Katelyn Glaser and Morgan Riedel.
Fifty-two pints of blood were collected during the recent Harmon Beta Club blood drive. “Students saw how volunteerism and doing the right thing is a lifelong endeavor,” said an organizer.
Fundraiser set at AHS
Aurora High’s student council is raising funds for an organization in Sri Lanka that provides job skills to younger people. Donations will be accepted through March 19. Some teachers will wear unusual costumes.

9 students in top six
in math competition
Aurora schools sent five teams of students in grades 4 to 8 to Portage County’s Math 24 competition on Feb. 26.
Fourth-grader Isabella Hsia and seventh-grader Colin Weil placed first in their respective grades.
Seven other students placed in the top six in their grades: Brandon Witmer, fourth; Sean Fritinger, Zachary Hart and Kevin Jin, fifth; Zachary Goldston, seventh; and Nikitha Murikinati and Hannah Baltes, eighth.
The teams were coached by Leighton School teacher Shannon Gagel and Harmon teacher Lauren McMahon.
In the competition, students utilize math flexibility and skill to solve challenging problems resulting in the number 24. Preparation, hard work and swift calculations enable students to perform with excellent results.
Mock Congress held
Harmon School’s annual
Mock Congress wrapped up March 7, when eighth-graders debated and voted on a number of bills in mock House and Senate sessions.
“This day culminated a 3 1/2-week long unit, and students dressed up for the event,” said teacher Paul Frankmann.
Three guest speakers also were scheduled to talk to the students — Sarah Lowry, the regional representative for Sen. Sherrod Brown; Aurora Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin; and U.S. Rep. David Joyce.
‘Good’ students listed
Caught being good last week at Leighton School were: Leah Carmosino, third grade; Mackenzie Krafcik, fourth; and Sean Fritinger, fifth.