The following Aurora residents received degrees from Kent State University after the fall 2013 semester:
Erica Kovach, bachelor’s degree in psychology; Olga Bennett (cum laude), Jessica Blackley (cum laude), Erin Duffy and Eric Shepard, bachelor of arts; Tucker Cozzens, Andrew Kelley (summa cum laude), Aaron Mayewski, Victoria Meneese and Christopher Wentz, bachelor of science; Stephen Walters, master of education; Jennifer Stefanak, master of science.
Robin Cannon (cum laude), associate of applied science and bachelor of applied horticulture; Rebecca and Kimberly Gos, bachelor of science in nursing; Ian Knepp and Josephine Szabo (cum laude), bachelor of science in education; Elizabeth Manzetti,  bachelor of business administation.
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The following Aurora students were named to the dean’s list (3.4 grade-point average) for the fall 2013 semester at Kent State University:
Kathryn Allison, Lauren Berger, Troy Berk, Allison Blackley, Jessica Blackley, Gabriella Boehm, Caitlin Boswell, Jack Bowers, Isabel Buehler, Christie Bunch, Jordan Burge, Robin Cannon, Samantha Carter, Ian Cassidy, Kyle Choban, Yasmin Chorley.
Alyse Conrad, Kelsey Cornette, Tucker Cozzens, Sally Davidoff, Kristin Eakin, Rachel Early, Zachary Fadoul, Kelsey Fischer, Brent Flanik, Joshua Florack, Delma Flores Gonzalez, Michael Fox, Krysta Gattozzi, Erin Gittinger, Kimberly Gos, Jessica Haley, Melissa Hanus.
Lindsay Kaplan, Mitchell Katona, Julie Kocon, Sarah Kocon, Nicolle Kovacs, Stephen Kudley, Anh Le, Zhen Li, Ryan Lind, Michael Luecht, Michael Mansour, Elizabeth Manzetti, Jonathan Manzetti, Jeffrey Marinchick, Sara McGilbra, Erin McNamara, Jake McVay.
Whitney Ohman, Anthony Oliverio, Ashley Polk, Peter Posedly, Julie Rizza, Elena Ryabogin, Maria Schultz, Tuesday Slomovitz, Jordan Sweress, Ceara Tackett, Bruna Isabelle Vilela, Livia Ward, Cortney Warner, Lauren Weinkauf, Kevin Whalen and Tyler Zigman.
The following were named to the KSU president’s list (4.0 grade-point average): Chance Driscoll, Jacquelyn Harrington, Kristen Hirter, Alexander Kunkel, Michael Minnillo, Jenifer Novak and Chelsey Richards.
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Heather Lucas of Aurora was named to the dean’s list at Logan University near St. Louis at the end of the fall trimester. To qualify, at least a 3.5 grad-point average is needed. She will complete a curriculum encompassing basic and clinical (diagnostic) sciences, chiropractic science, research and patient care to receive a doctor of chiropractic degree.
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Aurorans who made the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester at the University of Akron are:
Kristin Amicone, Zachary Buckeye, Eric Burns, Nicolette Drotos, Robert Drsek, Darcy Fyffe, Amir Hawkins, Frederick Hirschman, Martin Klinger, Ryan Lamb, Kyle Meyer, Alexis Millhof, Morgan Milner, Nicholas Mirolli, Brooke Onyshko, Santino Palma, Joshua Parr, Bradley Regula, Brian Siebenthal, Jeffrey Smith Jr., Zane Thomas, David Veverka, Peter Waisala, Ty Watson, Keanna Williams and Christopher Yanda.
Making the list from Reminderville was Rachel Steinberger.
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Steven Philip Meyer of Aurora was named to the Miami University of Ohio’s president’s list for the fall 2013 semester. Students must be ranked in the top 3 percent of undergraduates within each division for first semester 2013-14 to be named to the list.
The following Aurora students were named to the dean’s list at Miami University for ranking in the top 20 percent of undergraduates within each division: James Steinbauer, Mitchell Rains, Sean Cullen, Christine Broda, Janay Harrington and Tyler Davis. From Reminderville is Jessica Ball.
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The following students from Aurora were named to the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester at Bowling Green State University: Nancy Kohn, Kaitlyn Pennington, Lindsay Pizzurro, Tiana Williams, Alexandra Ogonek, Kaitlyn Yanda, Ethhan Trobley, Kelly Leffler, Dylan Cronin and Brandan Krafcik. Honorees must achieve at least a 3.5 grade-point average.
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Philip Lombardo of Aurora earned a spot on the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Students named must achieve at least a 3.5 grade-point average.
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Two Aurora residents received degrees from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. after the fall 2013 semester. Andrew Wallace and Nicholas DePompei earned bachelor of science degrees from the College of Technology and School of Management, respectively.
Meanwhile, the following Aurorans were named to the Purdue dean’s list for the semester for achieving at least a 3.5 grade-pointy average: Amanda M. Saykes, Coleen Ann Riley, Stephen F. Lawrie, James N. Wallace and Kelsey A. Stummer.
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Lauren Podojil of Aurora is a participant in the University of Mount Union’s annual student art exhibit running through March 31 in Beeghly Hall. She is a senior. Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
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Justin Wazbinski, a senior at Aurora High School, has been accepted to Ashland University for the fall 2014 semester, where he will receive an $8,000 annual provost’s scholarship.