Families came out to the Hudson library to celebrate Dr. Seuss' 110th birthday March 2.

Children were able to play games, make crafts and meet some new friends at the event in the Flood Family Meeting Room, with Children's Librarian Beth Donalson overseeing the activities.

Dozens of children in attendance to able to crawl through a tunnel, make a Yertle the Turtle tower from green plastic bowls, enjoy Dr. Seuss themed-bowling, try on many hats from Bartholomew Cubbins Hat Emporium, Pin the Green Eggs on the Ham, make a Lorax mustache and Dr. Seuss top hat and take home a goodie bag, among other activities.

The Hudson library has plenty of activities for children. For future events, check out the Hudson Hub-Times each issue, visit the Children's Library or call 330-653-6658, ext. 1020 for more information.