Aurora -- The city plans to begin building an 18-hole disc golf course this year at Sunny Lake Park, according to Parks-Recreation Director Jim Kraus.

It would start at the north end of Sunny Lake and "work its way north and east. It may go as far south as the nature center," Kraus said at the recreation advisory committee's Feb. 17 meeting.

Participants throw a disc made out of lightweight material, and the goal -- similar to regular golf -- is to get the disc into a small basket in the least amount of throws. Kraus said he would like to have a minimum of nine holes completed this year, but hopes for the entire 18 holes to be finished.

Participants would not have to pay unless there was an organized tournament, according to Kraus, who said the amount that would be charged for tournament play has not yet been determined.

Kraus said the city has $15,000 in its budget this year for the design and installation of the course. The design work will be handled by architect Bill Griffith, who will assist with the layout and will take care of all the signs.

Kraus said Griffith "thinks it could be one of the better courses in Ohio because of the natural terrain and shot challenges."

He said one of the challenges in setting up the course are the tee boxes, where participants start each hole. He said they could be made out of cement so the participants have good footing instead of slipping in mud. He said he has seen them made out of brick, dirt, limestone and asphalt.

Kraus said it is possible that Boy Scouts could construct the tee boxes. "It would be fairly easy for an Eagle Scout," he said. "Or you could have a sponsorship program where you sponsor a hole and get your name on it."

One committee member wondered what would happen with the general public walking around the park or people walking their dogs. Kraus said that should not be a problem.

"Signs would be placed notifying park patrons to be aware of flying discs," Kraus said. "Signs will be placed on the course for players that include rules regarding their safety of play. Also, the discs are made of lightweight material, and the course will be away from most park activities."

Another committee member added, "As long as it's not on the lake path, it should be all right."


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