Aurora -- City Council learned at its Feb. 24 committee of the whole meeting that the city's tax incentive review commission has recommended that all current tax abatements be continued for 2014.

Commercial and industrial abatements in place are for National Artcraft, Godfrey Wing, TCP Inc., McMaster Carr, Eaton Corp., Workshop Wirecut, Rotek Inc., Saginaw Control & Engineering, National BioChemicals, Rovisys, Macromeric, Aurora Center LLC, Outtech Inc., Dental Associates, Ferfolia Funeral Home, Progressive Aurora Real Estate, Shel & Adel Properties, Trentstone Enterprises and North Brothers Holding Co.

It was noted construction has not begun on the Ferfolia Funeral Home, Aurora Dental Associates, Progressive Quality Care and Norton Brothers Holding Co. projects.

There also are 25 residential properties included in the city's Ohio Community Reinvestment Areas tax incentive program. The city has three CRA zones.

Council members also discussed the replacement of an Archimedes screw at the Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant with a pump, for which bids will go out after Council approves moving forward.

The estimated cost for the pump and contractor's price to remove the existing Archimedes screw and install the new pump is $165,000. The cost of engineering -- $12,500 -- came out of last year's budget.

Service Director John Trew explained the pump is 85 horsepower and can move 6 million gallons of water per day through the plant in high-flow events. He said the project was in the 2013 budget, but engineering was not completed until recently.

In other service department-related matters, Trew recommended Ontario Stone be awarded a contract for crushed limestone, washed gravel and other materials and Signal Service be awarded one for traffic signal maintenance and 24-hour emergency service.

Trew also reported the developer of Hawthorn of Aurora has requested road dedication of Joseph Drive, Morgan Trail and Madison Avenue. He said streetlights have been installed and all other criteria for dedication have been met.

Trew said the developer has agreed to repair all failures because of faulty construction or damages to the street improvements until a designated maintenance period has expired in May 2015.

Council discussed establishing a rental fee of $2 per participant for events at Sunny Lake Park, with a $100 minimum payment.