Macedonia -- The Glass Guru, a California-based window restoration and replacement business, opened a new local franchise in Macedonia on Feb. 11.

Franchise owner Chad Bradley said the company, founded in 2003, is a unique twist to window replacement companies because it also offers restoration services.

"People have been dealing with foggy windows or condensation in windows for years," he said. "For years, the only thing to do is replace that glass. What makes us a little different is that we can restore that window at about half the cost without ever removing the glass."

Bradley said seals on windows typically fail within 15 years, and once the seal breaks, condensation or moisture forms between the window panes. To restore the glass, workers drill holes in the glass and put rinsing, cleaning and drying agents into the window to get the moisture out. They put patented micro-vents in the window to finish the process.

"The one thing I truly like about the business is that its green. We're not taking glass and just throwing it away into dumpsters and landfills, we're restoring it," he said. "The other thing is its really a cost saving thing for the customer. Sometimes they could have a beautiful window frame and they just have a bad piece of glass."

Bradley said it costs about half as much to restore a window versus replacing it, adding his firm can replace windows that cannot be restored. The business also provides free home window inspections and scratch and stain removal.

The company has 80 locations in the country, with the Macedonia location serving much of northeast Ohio including Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Mayfield, Aurora, Streetsboro, Hudson, Seven Hills and Independence.

"This is a great territory," Bradley said. "It made sense from a business standpoint to bring this service to this area."

Contact the Glass Guru at 330-467-7056.


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