Aurora -- The first step for the city in its restoration project at the former Aurora Golf Club is to repair the roof on the maintenance building.

The city will go out for bids for the repairs, estimated at $25,000, because they will cost more than $10,000, Parks and Recreation Director Jim Kraus said at the Feb. 17 rec advisory committee session.

Kraus said the city's 2014 budget includes $35,000 for building and path repairs at the property. "At this point, we have just talked about replacing the roof," he said.

Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin had said earlier that some removal of bridges and some redirection of some of the trails are among other projects likely to be done at the property.

"We're still working on how the funding for the restoration will be handled," she said.

Kraus said the city has moved its park staff into the maintenance building. That includes four full-time and about 10 summer employees.


Updates on other parks and rec projects:

• Sunny Lake Park. City Council agreed in January to scale back its previous plans to do about $700,000 worth of restorations there. "They're more comfortable doing what is in the budget -- $325,000," Kraus said.

That would include upgrading the concession stand / restrooms and the parking lot and renovating the boathouse instead of replacing it, plus site amenities around it, Kraus said.

According to Councilman Jim Vaca of the committee, "Council felt it was too much money for a new boathouse. Council was OK with the concession stand / rest rooms because that's a moneymaker."

Kraus said the city will go out for bids on the concession stand / restrooms. "We were going to bid [the whole project] all at once," Kraus said. "We now might bid it incrementally."

THE CITY signed a contract last year with Brandstetter Carroll Inc. for $56,000 to provide designs and construction administration for the entire project, Kraus said. It paid $42,000 last year for the complete design of the project up to this point, so about $14,000 remains.

"Since the project has changed in the scope of work from a replacement boathouse to a renovation boathouse, the remainder of the initial contract for construction administration hasn't been completed to date," Kraus said.

"This $14,000, along with the $325,000 in the 2014 budget, will be used for its implementation."

• Varsity softball field. Kraus said there are "a few minor things we need to do" with the new varsity softball field, which should be ready for use this spring.

"We will install benches in the dugouts, foul poles and a small section of fence in front of each dugout," Kraus said. "We'll also install electrical connections to the dugouts. The contracted fencing company from 2013 will complete the work of installing backstop fencing.

Kraus said the city may number the new varsity softball field 5B. It is just to the south of the varsity baseball field.

He also said some improvements are planned at nearby Field 4 , which is behind the varsity baseball field.

"We ordered foul poles and benches," he said. "We're going to put some small fences in front of the dugouts, and we have to connect the backstop fencing. Other than that, the field will be ready to go."

Kraus said the approximate cost for those tasks is about $8,500, which is a combination of money from the 2013 and 2014 budgets.


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