Hudson -- On one of the coldest Saturdays in January, with temperatures dipping near single digits and snow squalls turning roads into vacant stretches of icy concrete, an army of girls from Northeast Ohio joined together, on different fronts, to complete a common mission.

About 1,200 members of Girl Scouts of North East Ohio teamed up with Hudson-based Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Jan. 25 for "Crafting for a Cause." The Scouts created 2,400 sets of fleece hats and scarves with materials donated by Jo-Ann. The fleece was pre-cut and packaged by employees of Goodwill Industries.

The hats and scarves were delivered to a variety of agencies and organizations which included Children Services, the Salvation Army and Boys and Girls Clubs in Northeast Ohio counties, including Summit. Scouts received a badge for their participation in the service project.

Troop 90690, made up of fifth-graders from Lakeview Intermediate School in Stow, was one of the groups who visited Jo-Ann's Hudson location, 5381 Darrow Road.

"They had a good time and really enjoyed it," Carmen Gobble, one of the leaders of Troop 90690 said. "It really was nice to see the group working and donating their time to a worthy cause."

Brooke Korsgaard was "happy to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics because I always have fun there," she said.

"And I felt really happy to help people and felt kind helping them," Brooke added.

And while the weather may have kept some people off the roads, Reiley Gies was excited to go.

"There was a blizzard, but I really wanted to go," Reiley said. "I like helping people, and it seems really fun to make them things."

Jillian Goeden agreed.

"It was really fun," Jillian said. "It was just fun to help others and give them clothes [scarves/hats] and all that. It just feels good to help people because it does a good deed and they will have warmth."

Amanda Shafer was worried the event was going to be canceled due to the weather.

"I had something else canceled earlier in the day so I was happy it wasn't canceled," Amanda said. "It felt good because I'm helping other people and it feels good to help other people."

Ayla Morris did not feel it was "that cold out," she said.

And like the rest of the troop, Ayla called the event "fun."

"It's fun because the actual craft is fun and it actually helps somebody," Ayla said.

Chloe Gobble was not thrilled about venturing out in the storm, but "felt that it was going to be fun because I was going to be with my friends and I wondered what the craft was."

"I did have fun at JoAnn Fabrics. I learned to make a hat and scarf with cool fleeces. It was really cool and I had a great time," Chloe said.

Chloe enjoyed the craft so much that she wanted a set.

"My thoughts were that I was being helpful and that I wanted one scarf and hat set too," Chloe said. "But I knew they needed it more than me and I could make one anytime."

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