Ford topped automobile sales in Portage in 2013
Ford dominated new cars sold to Portage County residents last year, with four models in the top 10 and 1,282 vehicles sold.
General Motors was second with three models, followed by Honda with two models on the list and Hyundai and Chrysler rounding out the top 10. GM’s top sellers were all Chevrolets, totaling 768 units.
Ford’s new model Escape, a compact crossover, was the best seller, with 405 sold last year by Portage County dealers, according AutoView Online data provided through the Northeast Ohio Automobile Dealers Association in Akron.
The Ford F-150 pickup truck was second with 377 sold. Ford’s Focus had the number four spot with 272 units and the Fusion was number six with 228 sold.
Chevrolet was Nos. 3, 5 and 7. The Chevrolet Cruze compact, made in Lordstown, was No. 3 with 278 sold, followed by the Silverado 1500 pickup truck at No. 5 with 269 units and the Equinox CUV at No. 7 with 221.
Honda’s Civic was ranked eighth in local sales with 188 sold, and the CR-V SUV was 10th with 165 units sold.
The No. 9 slot was split between the Hyundai Elantra sedan and the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. Each sold 169 units.
— Mike Sever, Record-Courier