These are the Auto B Good Qualities for December from Evamere include truthfulness, honesty, and kindness. In the left photo - Back row, from: Dominick Santa-Maria,Alaina Walker, Preston Redd, Keven Gong and Connor Leiser. Middle row: Ava Sawicki, Zainab Syeda, Alec Brodbeck and Addie LeVan. Front row: Kyla Dunphy, Jake Tarczy, and Kellen Pitzer. Not pictured are Cassie Paolucci and Graham Larsen. In the right photo - back row, from left: Nate Henderson, Katie Will, Alex Kirtz and Allie Brewer. Middle row: Joey Herman, Keira Sweeney, Lauren Skelley and Frankie Palumbo. Front row: Max Kirkwood, Will Collins and Phoebe Krenn.